Have You Ever Considered A Venetian Bathroom Mirror?

If you’re interested in updating your bathroom decor, Venetian style mirrors are a great way to start. You can create a a luxurious European atmosphere, allowing you that little bit of escape you want while your imagination soars. With the right combination of items, you can make an elegant Venetian style bathroom, you will love every time you enter.

Venetian style mirrors come in a variety of styles ranging from classic to modern. You can choose from freestanding mirrors, wall-mounted, makeup or tabletop, depending on your bathroom design needs. One of the most popular mirrors today is one with a frame made from bits of glass that is held together by richly gilded leads. Etched designs that are on the underside of the glass are always popular too. Rosettes and bits of molded glass surrounding Venetian glass are examples of the popular antique style and look exquisite with Venetian chandeliers.

In your Venetian bath you might want a vanity with a Venetian makeup mirror. Some mirrors have fine wood frames with flower festoons or scrolls, all gilded. Such a beautiful design makes the perfect Venetian mirror to go with your other bathroom accessories. Whether you want a table top or wall mirror, your Venetian bathroom will glow with the richness of the popular style. Rich glass and intricate frames work together to enhance your environment. The eclectic design will match many other styles so that you can have the special look that will have your guests talking.

Other popular examples of fine Venetian craftsmanship are in the Chinese style, with carved Chinese figures sitting. You will also find Venetian mirrors with tinted glass used in the frames, often in blue, one of the more popular colors of the time period. These Venetian mirrors reflect more than your image. They are a window into the past, when mirrors were highly valued by the Venetians, who sometimes lined their walls with them.

You can find Venetian bathroom mirrors in a wide range of prices as well as styles. Designed with many budgets in mind, these mirrors are available in selections for any pocket book. Having a Venetian styled bathroom gives you the elegance of the time period. You can have the beautiful craftsmanship and make it work with any style. With the beauty and flexibility of Venetian bathroom mirrors, you can have the elegance, style and a glimpse of the past.

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