How To Create Your Own Venetian Plaster – A D.I.Y. Guide

Although a newer way of building up a wall, Venetian plaster has been around for as far back as the Romans, but due to acrylic, a hard plastic being added to the mix, the job is much easier and almost anyone will be proficient in applying it if they follow all directions carefully. This innovative plaster is sold in gallon sized cans at hardware and home improvement outlets and should be in the aisle near the paint. Some brands will tint their plaster, others will leave it plain, but it’s up to the individual if he wants color added before purchase.

Before applying the Venetian plaster, be sure to have available a trowel for spreading the plaster, work gloves to protect the hands, rough grit sandpaper for smoothing the surface, and a large old sheet to keep the floor clean. It may be easier to practice a little on a piece of drywall to get the technique desired.

When feeling more confident, begin plastering the actual walls. But first, prepare the area by sanding the surface and fill in any holes or cracks. This allows the plaster to adhere better and creates a smoother wall. Hold the trowel at an angle and dip it into the plaster.

Spread a thin layer onto the wall, wiping the trowel each time. Once you have covered the area completely, allow it to dry for about 3 hours. Dip, spread, and smooth one more time and let dry overnight.

Venetian plaster adds depth and a glossy marble finish to the walls. The more coats you add, the more polished the look. The acrylic added to the mix of marble and lime really brings out the shine and focuses on a marble look to the wall. Applying two or three coats of plaster should be plenty for the greatest effect and once completely dry, buff gently with a piece of sandpaper as this will really speed up the process. There will be times when the wall will get dirty as all walls do, but clean up is a snap, because you simply clean with dish soap and water. That’s all there is to it. Now stand back and admire your Italian plaster walls you did all by yourself.

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